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Our Search For A New Rector

We are currently conducting a search for a new Rector. With every parish communication we include the following collect, which was written by a parishioner:

Almighty God , your Son Jesus Christ promised us that when we are gathered together in His name, He would be there with us. Send your Holy Spirit to guide us as we seek the person you want to lead us closer to you, the one God who lives and reigns forever and ever.

Steeped in history, St. Thomas Parish, organized in 1701, built St. Thomas Church in 1734.   It is the oldest church building in North Carolina, a national historic site.  Bath, likewise, is the oldest town in NC, settled in approximately 1690.   Nestled 120 miles east of Raleigh, and the Research Triangle Park, and 100 miles south of Norfolk Virginia, Bath is rich with local history from the original “Washington” to the fossil museum in Aurora to Tyron Palace in New Bern, to Edenton, which was the second capital of North Carolina.

God’s beauty abounds. Parishioners routinely witness the natural beauty of dolphins playing in the wide, open water; cownose rays gliding just below the water’s surface; eagles soaring; and martin and ospreys’ nests on or around the water, which is home to numerous ducks, herons and other waterfowl.



St. Thomas’ best features lie within its parishioners, its strong community outreach programs, excellent fellowship opportunities,  good Christian education, with two Sunday services, and a welcoming attitude to visitors.

Hot Air Balloon Over Bath Creek NCSomeone gifted and skilled as an effective communicator and listener is what parishioners seek most in their Rector;  a person who provides meaningful sermons applicable to their daily living.  Our congregation wants a Rector who will empower and encourage them to use their gifts as much as they want their leader to visit and minister to parishioners in need.  Active within their local community, parishioners want an outreach and community leader.

Essential attributes sought for our Rector are a person sensitive to the needs of the congregation, open to suggestions and new ideas, with strong leadership and decision-making skills.  Parishioners also want a Rector gifted at providing counseling and crisis care.   These attributes will aid the Rector in challenging the congregation to a deeper spiritual faith.

The congregation seeks unification of the parish and acceptance of our differences, while improving mutual respect,  increased diversity of membership and involvement in the Church.  Our parishioners want to improve and renew their understanding of Episcopalian principles, liturgy and traditions.

We will make a position announcement for our new Rector very soon through the Diocese of East Carolina and will add a link to that website on this page.